Interview with Digital Designer Natalie

It’s that time of year when we’re on the lookout for talented students to join us in the Green Room for their placement year. So we thought we’d ask Natalie, now our well established Digital Designer, who began her days within our internship programme about her experiences during the programme.

Q: How have you found your time at The Green Room?

“It is a great atmosphere to be around people who are excited and love their work. Working in this environment is really motivating for me, it’s great to be in the same place with other people who are productive and moving things forward.”

Q: Have you found it a big leap from university?

“Yes, it was a really big change especially because the workflow in uni is so different. It’s a real difference to work for actual clients with live projects and it’s just a great feeling to see a project online after all the work everyone has done for so long. It is also great to work as part of a team. Everyone is specialised in a different subject but we all build the project together and appreciate each others thoughts and inputs. It is a great exchange because everyone comes at things from a different perspective, which makes me think of things that I wouldn’t have before.”

Q: Favourite Shoreditch haunt so far?

“This area is so vibrant and there is so much going on. From corner shops turning into curry takeaways at lunchtime to free gigs after work at the Old Blue Last, or Strongrooms bar across the road – which is still number one for Greenroom friday night drinks.”

Q: What have you learnt so far?

“Basically getting an concrete understanding of web design. I  have also learnt how to organise myself better and doing time estimates for my work as part of our Agile workflow. And not to forget a lot of funny and useful English expressions and sayings (I’m originally from Germany).”

Q: How many cups of tea have you drunk so far?

“I guess I had less cups of tea than coffee. We’re currently working on a side project (a web application which records all cups of coffee drunk and visualises the stats on our website) to practice new technologies. This will be my first project to be involved in building the front-end which is really exciting.”

Q: What’s it like having three companies in one office space?

“I think it is really great. There is a creative exchange, everyone is sharing thoughts, ideas, experience and sending around funny links. In terms of project work, it is really good to have feedback from someone who is not involved, someone who can see things from another perspective.”

Q: What problems have you had to overcome during your work?

“One thing which was and still is sometimes a bit difficult for me is the technical terminology mixed with English being my second language and I have to ask a lot of stupid questions. But in the whole this is a really good thing as I am learning a lot.”

If you’re a computing student looking for some hands on industry experience, take a good look over our wonderful placement scheme.