Global lighting specialists Havells Sylvania contacted us when they had the idea to produce an online ‘Energy Savings Calculator’, allowing their customers and 200 string sales team to understand the pay-back period when designing and installing LED lamps. The application needed to link to an extensive product matrix, had to allow users to select specific products for comparison and should generate an extensive report visually demonstrating comparative lifetime costs of different products Vs traditional lighting solutions.


We created a web application with a responsive frontend, enabling us to tailor the user experience for different devices. The more complicated aspect of the frontend involved the application build and data handling where we used Backbone.js, a JavaScript framework specifically designed to help give structure to web applications.

On the backend, we built a webservice to provide the data to the fronted and we created an admin interface so that Havells could upload a product matrix, set up new languages, translate all the on-page content and generate an access key allowing them to release the calculator to other language domains as well as third party websites.


The Energy Savings Calculator is available on the Havells main website as well as being deployed as a service on partner websites. A global sales force of 200 have been successfully using the tool during meetings with clients to demonstrate the cost benefit of moving to LED solutions. With later releases, they are able to log in and provide reports on pre-release products, whilst customers are able to download detailed reporting and cost analysis when comparing their current lighting configuration against LED alternatives.

What the client says

“I've had the pleasure of working with UVd over the past few months. Aside from being a great bunch of guys to work with, they are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields; professional and passionate about what they do. Rather than simply deliver a product to brief, they go above and beyond, adding enhancements and additional features. Their approach is hugely analytical, meaning you are able to rest assured that whatever is being delivered is fully thought through and simply, the best it can be. My own project was a success purely as a result of the service we received. I look forward to working with UVd again.”
Yacoob Nujurally, E-Business Manager at Havells Sylvania