Our people

  • Kirsten Minshall


    Kirsten is the father of UVd and has seen the company through over a decade of trading from Brick Lane to Shoreditch. Experienced snowboarder, footballer and runner: do not underestimate his ability to gain injury from any one of these extreme sports! 

    Kirsten looks after clients and staff by providing the all important 'love' factor whilst being the main company cheerleader and strategist. It’s not all about the soft things as an eye for detail and a technical background in Computer Science means he has hands on involvement in project strategy and management and is a keen advocate of Agile and Lean Startup principles within the studio.

  • Ryan Hyslop

    Client-side developer

    Making his way down the M1 from the North East via 5 years commercial experience in Leeds, Ryan packs a punch well above his Flyweight classification when it comes to anything frontend and UX. Leading the company strategy for frontend tech and usability, Ryan has the unique skill of drawing together the creative and technical aspects of the studio, ensuring harmony between the deepest tech and the fanciest design.

    Scratch beneath the surface of an otherwise quiet and calm exterior, Ryan is not to be underestimated when it comes to healthy debate around software design, particularly when it comes to usability. Give him time to collect his thoughts and you’ll witness the ‘Barking Tiger’ in him.

  • Emma Corkill

    Digital designer

    An avid traveller, Emma feels that travel has formed a big part of who she is and her creative process. Originally from Liverpool, Emma joins us having studied at Leeds University and working as a Graphic Designer in Australia, and er, Kent.  She’s a fan of clean and bold design, the use of typography and she loves learning new techniques, particularly relating to new online trends.

    Fuelled by her beloved sandwiches, she’s a pretty hardcore swimmer. She did the Great North Swim last year and has FOUR more planned for 2014!  When she’s not designing, doodling, laughing or exploring, she’s normally telling us how much she loves Ping Pong, how good Ping Pong is, and how much we need a Ping Pong table.

  • Eddy Lane

    Javascript architect

    Uninspired by the dress code of corporate life, Eddy the ‘ATAT’ Lane was attracted to UVd from Société Générale by the bright lights and trendy streets of Shoreditch.

    Eddy has strength in versatility: able to shoot test driven Javascript from his Medium Blaster through to pulsating PSR compliant PHP from his Heavy Laser Cannon. Give him his daily dosage of jet fuel (Redbull) and Eddy is the weapon of choice for any application heavy sprint, especially when it requires the full armoury of tech skills.

  • Rachael Grocott

    PA and Office Manager

    Rachael oversees the smooth operation of UVd and the Green Room by taking on the organisational tasks that others find so difficult. Whether she’s organising the latest UVd social event or fending off the constant barrage of recruitment agents, Rachael ensures we can all focus on doing what we do well, without distraction.

    Rachael’s claim to fame is the invention of the Green Room ‘Mingerboard’ where faux pas such as messy desks and poor cleanliness are posted to a league table on a weekly basis, keeping us on our toes when it comes to doing our bit to make the workplace that bit more pleasant.

  • Chris Sissingh


    Growing up as a Kiwi, part South African and part English, Chris is truly the international member of the UVd fold. Far from being confused about where his loyalties lie, he regularly reminds us when it’s international rugby time by styling it into the office in the All Blacks kit. It takes a unique type to carry this off in Shoreditch, which Chris does with aplomb. 

    Trained in the dark arts of PHP and Node.js, Chris is a problem solving Ninja, able to work through complex application logic, not to mention his mad regex skills. But it’s not all code for Chris, he's a master of dev ops having spent his first month with us working through our Elastic Load Balancing on AWS, as well as our automated testing and deployment policies.

  • Dardan Muhaxheri

    Junior developer

    What do you get when you dwindle 40 CVs down to 10 and then perform a rigorous interview process? Answer: Dardan! Having made it through our Green Room placement process, Dardan is the latest member to join the development team; he's being mentored in all things tech and was last seen building a Mars Rover in OOP PHP.

    As well as working with the development team, Dardan has added a further dimension to our testing and quality assurance process, shadowing Natalie and learning the art of QA within each sprint. Poor Ryan now has 2 people testing his frontend work in Internet Explorer - as if Natalie wasn’t enough!