A digital agency, built like a startup

Not just any old digital agency, think of us as your ready made startup team with the experience to help you overcome even the most challenging hurdles. Whether you’re an established brand or the new kid on the block, our team will guide you through the process of launching technically challenging and innovative digital products and services and to make sure we ride that journey together.

A team built to give you everything you need

We’re a passionate group of product managers, creatives and technologists, capable of providing you everything you need, in the best way possible.

Kirsten Minshall Founder

Kirsten is the founder of UVD and has led the company for over a decade. Initially from a Computer Science background, he’s now the Agile and Lean Startup champion within the company, always striving to refine our approach and leading our clients through the production process.

Ryan Hyslop Frontend Developer

Leading the company strategy for user experience, Ryan has the unique skill of being able to draw together the creative and technical aspects of the studio, being the glue between deep tech and visual design whilst translating requirements into experiences that are a pleasure to use.

Eddy Lane Developer

Eddy is our resident ‘full-stack’ developer, never fazed with MEAN or LAMP, expert in AngularJS and Symfony2, and turning into our very own automated testing ‘evangelist’. Give him his dosage of jet fuel (Redbull) and he’s our weapon of choice for any application heavy sprint when it requires the full armoury of tech skills.

Rachael Grocott Head of Marketing

With her multitasking skills, Rachael leaves her single threaded colleagues in the shade, performing her main role as Head of Marketing with aplomb, ensuring everyone on the production team stays organised and motivated whilst running several projects at the same time.

Chris Sissingh Backend Developer

Trained in the dark arts of PHP and Node.js, Chris is a problem solving Ninja with mad skills in regular expressions. It’s not all code for Chris, he's a master of dev ops having helped us migrate our hosting to AWS, as well as ensuring our deployment policies are always up to date.

James Dowell Frontend Developer

Joining us from University with first class hons, James was ready to hit the ground running. He’s already spruced up our internal projects, and led the frontend on our project planning tool, Sprinter. When he’s not got his head in the latest Angular book, he’ll be in the kitchen cooking up a storm.

Alvaro Nistal Digital Designer

Originally from Spain, Alv now resides in East London and he’s pretty hipster: bang on with fashion trends as well as design trends. His skills in UI and UX design are second to none and from day one he’s taken the reins of the UVD identity and raised the bar of our visual style.

VJ Patel Junior Developer

VJ joined us from Queen Mary University as a Junior Developer on our placement scheme. As well as working on some Deep Tech, VJ leads on testing and quality assurance, making sure that every aspect of our work is tested to the limits.

Our culture

We believe in the power of shared knowledge and love learning from each other during our hack days, code Kata sessions and monthly 'Interesting Stuff Club'. Based in the heart of Tech City, you'll often find us at industry events and at our co-working space meetups. But it's not all work work work, we like to get out of the office on away days, cinema trips, exhibition visits and even throw the odd party to help us let our hair down.

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