Our people

  • Kirsten Minshall


    Kirsten is the father of UVd and has seen the company through over a decade of trading from Brick Lane to Shoreditch. Experienced snowboarder, footballer and runner: do not underestimate his ability to gain injury from any one of these extreme sports! 

    Kirsten looks after clients and staff by providing the all important 'love' factor whilst being the main company cheerleader and strategist. It’s not all about the soft things as an eye for detail and a technical background in Computer Science means he has hands on involvement in project strategy and management and is a keen advocate of Agile and Lean Startup principles within the studio.

  • Ryan Hyslop

    Frontend Developer

    Making his way down the M1 from the North East via 5 years commercial experience in Leeds, Ryan packs a punch well above his Flyweight classification when it comes to anything frontend and UX. Leading the company strategy for frontend tech and usability, Ryan has the unique skill of drawing together the creative and technical aspects of the studio, ensuring harmony between the deepest tech and the fanciest design.

    Scratch beneath the surface of an otherwise quiet and calm exterior, Ryan is not to be underestimated when it comes to healthy debate around software design, particularly when it comes to usability. Give him time to collect his thoughts and you’ll witness the ‘Barking Tiger’ in him.

  • Eddy Lane


    Uninspired by the dress code of corporate life, Eddy the ‘ATAT’ Lane was attracted to UVd from Société Générale by the bright lights and trendy streets of Shoreditch.

    Eddy has strength in versatility: expert in AngularJS on the frontend and Symfony2 on the backend. Has a passion for new technologies such as Cordova/PhoneGap, Ionic, Chrome Apps and RabbitMQ. Give him his daily dosage of jet fuel (Redbull) and Eddy is the weapon of choice for any application heavy sprint, especially when it requires the full armoury of tech skills.

  • Rachael Grocott

    Head of Marketing

    Known as a ‘Dora The Explorer’ lookalike amongst the festival going community, Rachael is the very definition of multi-tasker, leaving her single threaded colleagues in the shade. Not only performing her main role as Head of Marketing with aplomb, Rachael ensures Kirsten stays organised and the rest of the team know when they’re on holiday whilst running the odd project or two when required. 

    She's also a dab hand with Photoshop and the odd CSS animation. A real-life, head bobbing, Swiss Army knife.

  • Chris Sissingh

    Backend Developer

    Growing up as a Kiwi, part South African and part English, Chris is truly the international member of the UVd fold. Far from being confused about where his loyalties lie, he regularly reminds us when it’s international rugby time by styling it into the office in the All Blacks kit. It takes a unique type to carry this off in Shoreditch, which Chris does with aplomb. 

    Trained in the dark arts of PHP and Node.js, Chris is a problem solving Ninja, able to work through complex application logic, not to mention his mad regex skills. But it’s not all code for Chris, he's a master of dev ops having spent his first month with us working through our Elastic Load Balancing on AWS, as well as our automated testing and deployment policies.

  • James Dowell

    Junior Frontend Developer

    Fresh out of Staffordshire University with a first class honours degree, James is ready to hit the ground running with the team. He’s already spruced up our hUVD and coffee stats, and gets through code katas faster than we get through flat whites.

    When he’s not got his head in the latest Angular book, James will probably be in the kitchen cooking up a storm, or wowing friends with his vast film knowledge. He’s also a big Spurs fan, which always pleases Kirsten to have another person to talk football with. Dubbed ‘Safety Man’ by his friends, he’s proving himself to be the sensible one amongst the UVD gang.

  • Alvaro Nistal

    Digital Designer

    Originally from Seville in Spain, Alvaro joins us as our Digital Designer. He has a real passion for digital and his skills in UI and UX design are second to none. From day one he’s taken the reins of the UVD identity and raised the bar of our visual style.

    Currently residing in East London, he’s pretty hipster and is bang on the fashion trends as well as design trends. His finger is on the pulse for the best digital events happening in London and you’ll always find him at Design + Banter. 

  • VJ Patel

    Junior Developer

    VJ joins us from Queen Mary University as a Junior Developer on our placement student scheme. As well as working on some Deep Tech, VJ will lead on testing and quality assurance ensuring that every aspect of our work is tested to the limits.

    A keen guitarist, VJ is pretty big on the rock festival scene and has been known to play his own gigs.. we’re still waiting for our Sum 41 ‘In Too Deep’ solo performance though. In his spare time you may find VJ volunteering in a remote village orphanage or trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal.