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Ooh lou lou in use

The brief

Ooh Lou Lou already had an established customer base in their local community, as well as supplying bespoke cake design services for weddings and to the likes of Jonathan Ross, but they wanted to move their business to the next level.

We were asked to create an eCommerce website and standout brand to help the business reach a wider audience and compete against the national players in the cupcake market.

the solution

We worked closely with the business owner (and baking genius) Louise, to determine the strengths of her business and what she wanted to achieve. We established that the best solution would be to create a responsive website, meaning that busy customers could order their cakes whilst on the move. In order to differentiate from the big players in the market, we created a centrepiece interactive ‘design your own cupcakes’ section.

Ooh lou lou in on all screens

Design and brand

We worked closely with the client to carry out inspiration research and then establish the design steering. Once we were all happy with the direction, we carried out competitor analysis to ensure that our brand would stand out and provide a competitive edge. This identity was then transferred to the website design, and eventually in her cakery.

the tech

“We approached OLL with an interest in the e-commerce framework Sylius which, in theory, played nicely with our go to php framework Symfony 2 and our BDD approach with Behat. As early adopters we faced a few challenges because the framework was changing and adapting very quickly and keeping on top of it proved difficult. Our approach of end-to-end testing meant we were able to refactor large portions on the application while being sure we hadn't broken existing functionality which came in handy due to the rapidly changing Sylius.

We also needed to tie Sylius into our existing in-house CMS, JellyBean and once this was all working, we had a nice e-commerce site. The next step was to build out the ‘design you own’ feature, utilising our frontend framework of choice, Angular.js which consumed an API that served the data, linking it all together with the existing cupcake data, basket and checkout.”

Chris Sissingh

Chris Sissingh

Backend Developer

“The frontend was particularly challenging for Ooh Lou Lou because we’d set such a high standard for the design and user experience and we needed to ensure we maintained this standard for users on small screen devices.

The project is split between two aspects: the traditional eCommerce website where users can browse, select and add products to their basket. For this we used a Mobile First approach and scaled up the experience making use of responsive techniques and JQuery. The other aspect is the ‘design your own’ section and because of it’s highly interactive nature, we took it down the single page JavaScript route using the AngularJS framework.”

Ryan Hyslop

Ryan Hyslop

Senior Frontend Developer


Once we created the brand, Ooh Lou Lou were able to open their first ‘cakery’ store meaning their products now appeal to a much wider audience. Their business is more efficient because they are now selling standardised products as opposed to taking bespoke orders via telephone: all they have to do is print off the ‘bake list’ for the next day from the admin system and they have a full set of orders to bake against.


Cupcakes sold
Sales increase

We’re absolutely delighted with our new website! As a business we are very creative and visually driven, so the brand and website had to really capture our style and ethos at first glance, and they nailed it. We also knew that we needed an eCommerce site that was super functional, friendly to use, easy to navigate, sharp and clever... and that's what we have.

Lou Unwin

Owner of Ooh Lou Lou


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